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September 17th, 2020 / ID Card Printers

Additional Uses for Your ID Card Printer

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BadgePass: Additional Uses for Your ID Card Printer

BadgePass offers the best card printers in the industry to produce professional photo ID badges. These printers, combined with our software, offer a lot more capabilities than one might realize.

What else can your ID card printer do?

Membership Cards

Many people throughout our community belong to some sort of club, whether it is a local gym, grocery store, golf club, social organization, museum, zoo, or other organization. If your business has a membership program, the best way to save money would be printing and personalizing your membership cards in-house.

Membership cards can be used for additional features and benefits such as door access, event tracking, attendance tracking, and purchase history.

Click here to read about a local retail store and indoor gun range that customizes membership cards for all members and tracks their range usage whenever they come to shoot.

Reward and Loyalty Cards

Reward and loyalty cards are a great addition to any grocery store, department store, restaurant, coffee shop, bookstore, movie theater, and more! These loyalty cards can be programmed to accumulate points every time a customer visits or makes a purchase at your establishment. They can also be used with exclusive offers for loyalty members.

Unlike your standard punch card, cards with a barcode, QR code, or magnetic stripe can be used to track customer information and shopping behavior. This can be frequently purchased products, average spending, discounts that caused them to purchase, as well as exclusive offers.

Reward card programs have been shown to increase customer loyalty and spending, so why not take your business to the next level?

Event Passes

Event Passes are a cost-efficient way to make concerts, clubs, festivals, sporting events, conferences, and conventions more organized and successful. They are great for tracking the number of attendees, track event staff, and limit access to certain areas, while also acting as an identifier for authorized persons. It is perfect for your backstage and VIP members to flaunt their exclusive passes and status symbols.

These cards can be printed with any design, laminated finish, or hole punched to fit on a variety of customized lanyard’s and ID accessories offered by BadgePass.

Aside from its many uses, event passes are a fun keepsake to be shown off for years to come.

Business Card

The uniqueness of plastic business cards makes your brand stand out to potential clients and customers, far more than paper ones. They are memorable, waterproof, tear-proof, and long lasting. You can create your own design, add lamination, and ensure the quality of printing. Make a better first impression and be prepared for those last-minute business trips with your own ID card printer!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are perfect for letting someone choose their own gift from their favorite business. A custom gift card design can be created for any type of organization and printed in store as a cost-effective and time saving solution. Unlike paper gift certificates, plastic gift cards are difficult to duplicate and easier to store until the recipient is ready to use it.

Hotel Key Card

With numerous guests every day and multiple cards issued per room, HOTEL room keys get lost all the time. The most cost-effective solution is the ability to reprint these cards at the front desk, as frequently as needed. With BadgePass printers, you can create a customized magnetic key card design to fit your brand and feel confident in the print design and quality of your room key. You can also choose to enhance the durability by adding lamination to your card design. Some hotels have even opted to personalize these cards, giving guests a fun keepsake even after their stay has ended.

Interested in learning more about additional uses for ID card printers at your businesss? Contact us to schedule a quick introduction call, or product demonstration, today! 601.499.2131

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