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July 30th, 2020 / Tracking

Assigning and Tracking School Assets this Fall

BadgePass + EPIC Track assigning and tracking assets
BadgePass: Assigning and Tracking Assets

Are you looking for an easier way to assign technology and/or equipment to students?

Schools are facing some pretty extreme challenges when it comes to new policies and procedures for returning to school (either in person or virtually this fall). Many have struggled to find solutions for assisting with tracking assets as they are assigned to students. We can help!

With our EPIC Track solution, school administrators can issue tablets, laptops or other important school assets to both in-class and virtual students within minutes right from their smartphone, tablet or handheld device.

The process is simple:

  1. 1. Scan the student ID or choose a student’s name from a drop down list
  2. 2. Assign the asset to them by scanning the item barcode
  3. 3. Click the check in button to assign that asset to the appropriate student
  4. 4. Repeat the process for the next student and/or asset

Once students have been assigned items, the system has a time stamped record of the student name and/or ID number and all of the items they have been assigned, allowing for easy reporting and tracking.

The system is extremely intuitive and easy to deploy, making it feasible to implement the system across and entire school district within just days!

Contact us to schedule a demo or learn more today. 601.499.2131

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