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January 25th, 2024 / Press

BadgePass and Agora Announce Strategic Partnership

Ridgeland, MS – BadgePass, a leading provider of identity and security solutions, is pleased to announce their strategic partnership with Agora Partnerships, a company focused on innovative support of national and global physical security needs. This exciting collaboration aims to strengthen the BadgePass Partner Community and extend the reach of BadgePass ONE, a comprehensive identity and activity management platform, nationwide.

BadgePass has established itself as a trusted leader in the security and identification industry, offering innovative solutions that enhance safety and efficiency for organizations of all sizes. Their flagship product, BadgePass ONE, is a versatile platform that seamlessly integrates badge issuance, door access, activity tracking, and more into a single, user-friendly platform.

Agora brings a wealth of expertise in technology solutions and a commitment to excellence in customer service. This partnership will leverage Agora’s extensive network and resources to accelerate the growth of the BadgePass Partner Community, which includes an exclusive network of authorized service providers dedicated to delivering BadgePass solutions and superior customer experience to clients.

Key objectives of the partnership include:

  • Expansion of the BadgePass Partner Community: The collaboration will focus on recruiting and supporting new partners, while ensuring they have the tools and knowledge needed to effectively promote and implement BadgePass solutions.
  • Growth of BadgePass ONE: With Agora’s support, BadgePass aims to extend the footprint of BadgePass ONE across the United States, bringing the benefits of this powerful security and identity management platform to more organizations nationwide.
  • Enhanced Customer Support: Agora’s commitment to exceptional client support aligns perfectly with BadgePass’ dedication to customer experience. This partnership will result in improved support for new and existing BadgePass customers.
  • Innovation and Integration: Together, BadgePass and Agora will explore opportunities for further innovation within the BadgePass ONE platform, ensuring that it continues to meet the evolving needs of organizations in various industries.

“BadgePass has some very ambitious goals over the next few years. We wanted a partner who understood the industry, recognized our vision, and was willing to work alongside us to achieve those,” said Lindsay Martin-Nez, CEO of BadgePass. “We’ve only been working together for a few weeks, but Agora has already introduced some exciting new concepts and helped us plan an exciting path forward.”

The partnership between BadgePass and Agora is effective immediately, and both companies are eager to embark on this journey of growth and collaboration.

About BadgePass:

Headquartered in Mississippi, BadgePass is a software development company created to bridge the gap between identifying a person and managing what they do.  We are focused on creating best-in-class software solutions and having the best team members possible along for the ride! To learn more visit

About Agora:

Agora is a new type of hands-on consulting organization, focusing on helping those in the physical security industry realize their greatest potential. We don’t advise from the sidelines. We roll up our sleeves and support your team with deep industry expertise and passion for the next phase of an organization’s evolution. Agora helps organizations with product validation, go-to-market strategy, channel partner program development, technology roadmap design, and security system design/planning. Agora becomes a partner for your organization. Whether for a short-term project or long-term goals, we’ll work with your team to outline objectives, meet established goals, and develop a sustainable roadmap.

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