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March 28th, 2018 / Campus Card Systems, College / University

Press Release – BadgePass Announces Integration Between TotalCard and LENSEC

totalcard + lensec

BadgePass announces integration between its enterprise campus card commerce application, TotalCard, and LENSEC’s video surveillance software, Perspective VMS®.  Integration between the two systems will allow users to benefit from PVMS features within the TotalCard admin portal.  Users can see all activity and events in the TotalCard system and view any associated video including cardholder access to doors, meal plan transactions, laundry usage, point of sale purchases and more.

TotalCard allows users to cost-effectively issue and manage credentials for a variety of applications on campus, including point of sale, event tracking, and access control.  Video integration with LENSEC will allow those campuses to seamlessly view any cardholder activity and video footage at the same time, streamlining operations and potentially identifying security problems more easily.

Lindsay Martin-Nez, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BadgePass, comments, “This is a very exciting integration for our customers.  Imagine the possibilities on a college campus!  Any dining hall can implement cameras above their point of sale terminals for greater visibility into cardholder meal plan transactions.  Housing Directors can access video clips for door access or visitor check-in events in their residence halls.  Laundry, bookstore, and vending transactions can all be affiliated with video now.  This integration offers countless opportunities for a campus to improve cardholder security.”

LENSEC’s Chief Product Officer, Jeff Kellick, says, “We’re very excited about this partnership.  Many of our partner integrations offer access control events and video only.  With TotalCard, any cardholder event can have a camera and video footage associated with it, giving customers even greater visibility into campus activity. TotalCard is rapidly growing its footprint in the college and university market and we’re looking forward to offering this expanded functionality by working with BadgePass.”

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