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September 12th, 2023 / Press

BadgePass Customer Success Department

At BadgePass, our commitment to innovation and excellence has always driven us to go above and beyond to provide our customers with the best solutions. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our corporate structure: the Customer Success Department.

Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to enhancing the customer experience, fostering long-lasting relationships, and helping our clients achieve their goals with our solutions. Acting as the voice of the customer, this team will work to strategically align each department within the organization to ensure we are best meeting our customers’ needs.

BadgePass has always been more than just a software company. We understand that our customers aren’t just looking for products; they seek solutions that streamline their operations, enhance security, and improve their workflow. With the introduction of the Customer Success Department, we are taking our commitment to customer satisfaction to a new level.

Robbie Jefcoat has been appointed as Director of Customer Success. With ten (10) years of experience at BadgePass and a deep understanding of our industry, Robbie brings the knowledge and enthusiasm needed to champion our customers’ success. He will work closely with our existing clients and partners, helping them leverage BadgePass solutions to their full potential and ensuring their satisfaction. “I am so excited to lead the Customer Success department at BadgePass,” said Robbie Jefcoat, Director of Customer Success. “We have some of the best team members around, and each and every one of them is motivated to create the best customer experience possible. I look forward to working more closely with each of our departments and acting as the voice of the customer within the company.”

This renewed focus on customer experience signifies our commitment to providing excellence in products and services and ensuring our customers benefit from their partnership with us.

Here is what a few of our team members said when asked what Customer Success means to them:

“Customer Success is the BadgePass way to say that we care” – Daniel G.

“To me, Customer Success is ensuring our customers’ needs are not just met but exceeded with personalized care” – Stevee S.

“It means going above and beyond for our customers to ensure their goals and expectations are met” – Dyna M.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Success Department with any questions you may have!

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