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December 2nd, 2022 / ID Badging

BadgePass ONE: 601 Sports Case Study

Challenge: 601 Sports was looking for a system to print and issue membership cards for their indoor gun range with the ability to visibly differentiate between membership levels. They also wanted employees to be able to produce membership cards quickly and easily – preferably from a phone or tablet.

Solution: By implementing BadgePass ONE with a Connect Card Printer, the store was able to streamline their membership process and give their customers access to high quality personalized membership cards.

601 Sports, a local sporting goods store in Mississippi, was looking for a way to manage membership card production at their indoor shooting range. They needed a system that allowed for easy cardholder enrollment without extensive IT or network requirements. They previously issued membership cards with just member name on them, but they wanted something more personalized that included a member photo and membership type, allowing employees to validate that someone was using a card with an active membership when they used the range.

BadgePass ONE was the perfect fit for their needs. The App experience eliminated the need for the store to have a computer dedicated to membership enrollment and card production and opened up additional space on their already crowded gun counter. Now, employees can simply use their phones or an iPad at the counter to capture cardholder information including photo then send the print job to a card printer in the office. The store worked with BadgePass to design custom membership cards with different designs for each membership type, giving employees the ability to easily identify which type of membership someone has anytime they present their card.

“Previously, we had software and a card printer running on a computer at the gun counter to enroll members and print cards. It was frustrating to try to produce those badges in the middle of other customers trying to check out or ask questions about the merchandise,” explained Christine Hemphill, Manager of 601 Sports. “Plus, this is a retail store, so we don’t exactly have full time IT personnel on staff to update computers and printer drivers. With BadgePass ONE, the team doesn’t need to navigate complex software on a computer or worry about updates. The app updates itself automatically and anyone on our team can easily access the app, enroll a member and print a card. It’s just easy.”

Not only was the system intuitive and easy to use, the monthly subscription option allowed for easier purchasing and budgeting for the store.

“Anytime a customer purchases an ID system from us, we encourage them to budget for supplies and service costs moving forward, but those purchases occur somewhat inconsistently and can cause big fluctuations in expenses month to month,” commented Lindsay Martin-Nez, EVP of Sales and Marketing at BadgePass. “However, with our Elite Subscription option in BadgePass ONE, there are no surprise increases in price. This allows 601 Sports, and other customers like them, to benefit from one low monthly price for everything including software, card printer, supplies and service.”

The combination of a simplified user-experience for card production, the elimination of on-site computers or servers to run the software and an affordable monthly subscription option made BadgePass ONE the perfect solution for this retail store’s membership experience.

To learn more about 601 Sports, visit For additional information on BadgePass ONE, click here.

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