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BadgePass ONE Access Control allows you to open doors using your preferred method! June 19th, 2024 / Access Control, Security

Explore Multiple Access Methods with BadgePass ONE

In today’s world, having a dependable and flexible access control system is more important than ever.  BadgePass has taken a significant step forward with BadgePass ONE Access Control, offering multiple access methods to ensure security and convenience. In this blog post, we will check out the various ways to control BadgePass ONE readers to match your workflow best, the tech behind our smart cards, and how flexible the BadgePass ONE system is for customizing access control workflows. 


BadgePass ONE Access Control supports multiple access methods, each tailored to meet different security and convenience needs: 

  • Smart Card: Our smart card technology stands out for its higher security capabilities compared to traditional proximity cards. Smart cards store encrypted data and are less susceptible to cloning, providing a more secure alternative for credentialing.  
  • Quick Grant Access from the Reader Control App: The Reader Control App allows for real-time management of access permissions. Administrators can quickly grant or revoke access rights from their mobile devices, making it easy to respond to changing security needs.
  • Smart Wristband: For those who prefer wearable technology, our smart wristbands offer the same high level of security as our smart cards. The wristbands are convenient for environments where carrying or wearing a card might be impractical.
  • Smart Key Fob: The smart key fob is another convenient option, easily attachable to a key ring. It’s perfect for users who want quick and easy access without having to dig through their pockets or bags for a card!
  • PIN Number: BadgePass ONE allows you to access a reader by entering a PIN. These can be unique for individuals in your organization. This can be a backup method of access in case you don’t have your ID badge with you or want to go completely keyless. The choice is yours!  


BadgePass ONE offers excellent flexibility, allowing you to customize access control workflows to meet your specific needs. You can grant access to specific areas at particular times or provide different access levels to different users. This customization improves operational efficiency and ensures your security measures are effective and user-friendly! 


BadgePass ONE is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the diverse security needs of modern organizations. Multiple access methods, smart card technology, and customizable workflows make it easy to keep your facility safe. Check out how BadgePass ONE can level up your security and access control experience!

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BadgePass ONE Access Control allows you to open doors using your preferred method!
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