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BadgePass ONE - The Easy Button of Photo ID Systems September 2nd, 2022 / ID Badging

BadgePass ONE: The “Easy Button” of ID Systems

BadgePass ONE - The Easy Button of Photo ID Systems
BadgePass ONE: The Easy Button of Photo ID Systems!

For many, the photo ID Badging process can seem like a daunting task. Let’s paint the picture: You quickly need to print out a photo ID badge for a new employee. Seems easy enough, right? You go to take the photo, and suddenly the camera isn’t working, the print driver on your ID printer needs updating, and the cherry on top? The server is down. Now IT needs to be called, you’re late to a meeting, and the new employee has no visual employee ID to wear. Security will not like that!

Imagine if you could create the new ID right from your phone or tablet. You could capture the cardholder’s photo and print the badge from an app on your iPhone or iPad. No computer, no server, no print driver, and best of all… an affordable price point that won’t break the bank!

BadgePass ONE Connect Printing Subscriptions Chart

Tailor your subscription to fit your needs; how many cardholders do you have? Do you need multiple printers in different locations or one in a centralized location to send all your print jobs to? Choose from various subscription sizes and service plans. You even have the option to combine your new printer purchase and software purchase into one monthly or annual subscription.

BadgePass ONE: Which Subscription Package is Right for You?

How easy is that?

Contact us to find out more, or schedule a demo today!


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