Enhance the guest experience and streamline employee access

With BadgePass ONE, you can effortlessly create and manage guest and employee identification cards, regulate access, and elevate the guest experience.

Simplify your operations, enhance guest satisfaction, and elevate security with BadgePass ONE photo ID and access control software.


Employee IDs

Membership Cards

VIP Passes

And More

  • Design easy-to-use apps for badge production for employees, patrons, members and more.
  • Customized, secure card designs for all types of cardholders – even your VIP Guests!
  • Speed up the badge production process by capturing photos on a tablet or phone.
  • Enroll cardholder information from anywhere.
  • Create unlimited schedules and schedule exceptions for secure door access. 
  • Secure doors and other openings with a variety of electronic reader and lock options
  • Submit print jobs to a queue, allowing the cards to be printed and picked up as needed.
  • Reduce the burden on your IT staff by eliminating on-site software applications, on-site servers and installation of printer drivers.
  • Manage your annual budget easily – the system subscription includes all software, hardware, supplies and service, eliminating any surprise expenses.

Mobile Enrollment

If your organization struggles to find an easier and more secure way to manage your card production process, we can help. What if employees could easily capture photos via a tablet or mobile device and submit badges to a print queue for production? With BadgePass ONE, your card production workflow can be designed to fit your company’s specific needs!

You can design easy-to-use apps for badge production for employees, members, VIPs and more. Then, speed up the process by capturing photos on a tablet or phone from anywhere.

Imagine your card production process if you were no longer tied to a stationary ID workstation!

SECURE Access Control

Unlike any other door access system on the market, BadgePass ONE access control enables quick reader deployment and simple management of door access privileges.

Credentials produced through the issuance app are automatically activated during the print process, eliminating the multiple-step card activation process common with many door access systems.  Even better, lost or stolen badges are automatically deactivated on reprint, increasing the integrity of your system.

Our various hardware options enable you to find the best door access reader or wireless lock for any opening, including office space, VIP-only areas, meeting rooms, and more.


Once cardholder data is enrolled, badges can be immediately sent to a printer or submitted to a print queue, allowing the badging office to print cards on their schedule. Options for a single card printer or multiple printers are available – allowing your organization to design a system that meets your needs today and can grow with you.

Our IOT printers don’t require any printer drivers to be installed locally, reducing the burden on your IT staff and network. Our user-friendly portal allows real-time insights into printer status, connectivity, ribbon usage, and more.

You can choose to purchase a card printer upfront or include the hardware in their monthly or annual BadgePass ONE subscription – whichever is better for your budget!

Flexible Subscription Options

BadgePass ONE subscriptions offer the most flexible pricing model in the ID industry, designed to make budgeting extremely easy! The system includes all software, card printer(s), ribbons, and support in one easy monthly or annual payment.

Each subscription allows you to print up to the size of your cardholder database each year without worrying about ongoing supply costs; plus, you’ll never have to worry about fees for additional support plans or maintenance again!

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BadgePass ONE Subscription Pricing

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