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October 22nd, 2020 / Security

Campus Safety Investigates New Policies and Procedures in Education

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BadgePass: Campus Safety in Education

For schools everywhere, including college and university campuses, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant changes to be made in every aspect of student life, from policies and procedures to the adoption of new technology to ensure student and staff safety. With reduced class sizes, mask requirements, temperature checks, and visitor restrictions in place, schools are doing everything they can to provide a safe learning environment for students. Let’s dive into some of the adjustments campuses are implementing to ensure a safe learning environment for students and how a strong photo ID and visitor management system can solve some of the problems those adjustments are causing.

Policies and Procedures

This year’s Campus Safety Access Control, Lock and Lockdown Survey published by Campus Safety investigated the policies and procedures that have been most affected by Covid-19. A few statistics were especially interesting to us:

65% of U.S schools and 60% of colleges are saying they are limiting the number of visitors to their campuses.

85% of colleges and 64% of K-12 campuses are requiring face coverings.

With these new procedures in place, many administrators are searching for the new solutions to enforce these policy changes. It is now more important than ever to have a strong photo ID system as well as a strong visitor management system, to verify who people are and that they belong in the building.

Managing visitors and ensuring compliance with new policies on campus can seem like a daunting task. That’s why 19% of respondents in this Campus Safety survey are considering electronic visitor management software to assist with visitor screening, contact tracing, and enforcing mask requirements.

One suggestion from Campus Safety Magazine discusses the use of a video intercom at the entrance to the building to give staff a view of anyone requesting access. Staff can speak with the individual to determine their intent and whether they should be allowed entry, without the need for face-to-face contact. A video intercom also allows campus staff to verify masks are in place before allowing entry.

Adoption of New or Additional Technology

This pandemic also has shown an opportunity for campuses to upgrade their technologies, not only for adapting to COVID-19 procedures, but also for overall security enhancement for years to come.

Temperature checking of students, faculty, and visitors is becoming an increasingly popular policy to determine whether people have a health risk before they enter your facilities. Temperature measurement has been adopted by over half K-12 school districts and a little over one third of colleges. It’s estimated that 65% of K-12 schools and 38% of colleges require temperature checking of students while 60% of K-12 schools and 31% of colleges requiring temperature checking for visitors.

When it comes to temperature measurement devices, most campuses want something fast, accurate, and contact free with no need to interact with staff. Manual temperature-taking devices detracts staff or administrators from their regular duties and puts them at risk by being in such close-proximity to the person being screened. Temperature measurement poles like the ones below are of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to screen employees, students, and visitors.

BadgePass: Temperature Measurement Kit

Each of these devices features wrist scanning capabilities which is ideal for hot or cold climates, since foreheads can be affected by outside temperatures. These devices can be integrated with facial recognition and access control, to verify masks are being worn, associate temperature measurement with employee or student credentials, and grant access once the individual has been scanned and determined to be free from any health risk.

Advanced ID card technology has already been adopted by many schools to increase security and to assist with COVID-19 procedures, with 49% using proximity cards and 26% using smart card technology. These contactless cards can be used in access control systems to replace lock and keys and don’t need to be physically swiped or scanned. For organizations with smart card technology, coronavirus procedures are running as smooth as ever. Smart card technology can securely track information like a user’s temperature measurement and locations accessed and provide an accurate method of contact tracing.

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BadgePass: Smart Cards

Campus Safety reports that although campuses are currently focused on appropriately addressing the issues brought up by the coronavirus, visitor management and access control hardware issues will most likely continue long after the current pandemic passes.

Want to learn more about any of the technologies outlined above? Our team of security consultants is happy to help answer any questions you have! Contact us today to discuss your campus needs!


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