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December 14th, 2017 / Casino Card, Drivers License

Improve Player Loyalty with Casino Card Printing

Would you like to drive more activity and loyalty to your casino? With a Casino card printing system from BadgePass, you can! We offer driver’s license scanning solutions for rapid player enrollment, as well as industry leading desktop casino card printers, specialized for high volume.

Here are just a few ways that we can help you improve your Player’s Club Program and casino security.

• Speed up registration.

Driver’s license scanning combined with Casino card printing eliminates long lines during player enrollment. This allows you to move people through the line and onto the playing floor quickly.

• Manage players.

It allows you to produce cards for all your players. The use of these cards throughout the facility allows you to track behavior and target marketing campaigns appropriately in the future.

• Offer employee cards.

Casinos are almost always busy and shifts frequently change at odd hours. To keep track of everyone easily, use a badging system to easily produce secure employee IDs and monitor their access to doors throughout the building. This helps increase security and mitigate your risk.

Why Choose BadgePass?

BadgePass is one of the industry leading experts in badge printing services. We recognize the importance of streamlining the player experience and ensuring maximum usability of the player’s club card at your facility.

All the printers that we offer allow for:

  • Fast printing and reliable performance
  • Options to upgrade your system
  • Options to add detailed text and images

Contact us today to learn more about how BadgePass can help to improve efficiency and streamline operations at your casino.

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