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October 28th, 2020 / Access Control

Choosing the Right Readers for Your Door Access System

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BadgePass: Door Access Readers

Most organizations are branching away from standard lock and key systems since keys are easily lost, copied, and costly to replace. Door access control systems are a good solution to improving security and controlling who is allowed access to a building or specific room. Important aspects to consider when looking to implement a new card reader are the security needs of your organization, your current door access system, and your card technology. Badgepass has a variety of door access control readers no matter what credential card technology you are using.

Existing Readers

Typically, businesses are looking to replace old card readers that have failed or add readers to new construction additions. If your organization has card readers that have been installed for a while, they are likely magnetic stripe or low frequency proximity cards and you will want to choose a reader compatible with these cards.

The only problem is these kinds of legacy cards are susceptible to being replicated, which weakens the level of security within your organization. Most access control readers communicate by exchanging credentials (information?) with a hardware control panel system. With the continual advancement of technology, certain tools have been developed to bypass these unencrypted readers without detection.

Upgrading Security Measures

Organizations concerned with increasing security measures have considered moving towards a more secure and encrypted contactless smart card credential. This transition can be approached gradually throughout the upcoming years in accordance with your institution’s budget and urgency for improved security.

BadgePass Multi-technology readers offer a convenient transition to a more secure door access system at your own pace. They are a good starting point for replacing old readers because of their ability to read old prox cards as well as new contactless smart cards. For larger organizations, it can take a while to re-issue ID badges with new smart card technology. With the multi technology readers, both the legacy and new card technologies can be used until every person has replaced their old ID badge.

Mobile Scanners

Newer reader models can support a variety of methods for using a mobile device to open doors. Bluetooth and Near Field Communication allow readers to communicate with mobile devices in a similar manner to credential card readers. Specific system support is needed for these mobile app and geolocation methods because they require communication between the mobile devices and server.

Dual Factor

Some areas in your building may need additional security protocols to allow only select individuals access to more secure entry points (IT closets, HR office, etc.). Dual factor authentication systems be configured to require a specific card or pin for access, or a card and a pin. These readers can read both prox and smart cards to help with your transition to a more secure access system.

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