College and University Solutions for Enhanced COVID-19 Screening

By BadgePass  |  June 19, 2020


ID Badging, Tracking, Visitor Management

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BadgePass: College and University Solutions

There have been many articles published recently about colleges and universities and their efforts to prepare for a return to campus this fall and desire to better screen people on campus for symptoms and indicators of COVID-19 on campus. We understand that safety of students, faculty, staff and guests on campus is always the highest priority for our customers and we’re here to help however we can.

Some of the top solutions we’ve helped campuses to implement recently are outlined below.

Temperature Measurement
There a variety of temperature measurement solutions available on the market ranging from high end thermal imaging cameras designed to capture temperatures of multiple people at the same time to stand-alone temperature measurement devices that are easy to deploy but only scan one person at a time.

Some of the main questions to consider when evaluating a temperature measurement solution are:

Temperature Tracking
Some customers not only want to take a temperature, but would like to associate that temperature with the name of the cardholder who was scanned. Our EPIC Track solution allows for scanning of a student ID and associating that student with their temperature at the time it was checked. This doesn’t include the temperature measurement device itself; it’s simply the software for associating temperatures with cardholders and giving you access to that data in electronic reports. Temperatures can be electronically scanned via a QR barcode or selected from a drop down list. Some of our customers aren’t concerned with the exact temp measurement; they just want to know if someone is over or under the temperature threshold, which is also available as an option. This app can be loaded on a smartphone or tablet and is extremely easy to deploy – it just requires internet access at the location you’re scanning from.

Visitor Management with COVID Screening Questions
Electronic visitor management software is ideal for electronic registration and tracking of non-cardholders on campus. (Visitors, vendors, prospective students, parents, etc.) We’ve recently added an enhancement to our BadgePass Visitor Manager software to allow visitors to read and agree to or decline terms and conditions before being checked in and granted access to your facility, which may be particularly useful in the upcoming months for asking COVID-19 screening questions. (Ex: By signing this document, I agree that I haven’t been in contact with anyone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days and I am not experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, etc. etc.). The great thing about this feature is because the text that’s displayed is customizable, this can be edited in the future for any other visitor policies customers may want guests to agree to before gaining access.

Photo ID Accessories and Wristbands / Other Supplies
Many schools are mandating that all students and employees visibly display their IDs to provide much needed visual security and giving people the ability to identify whether or not someone belongs on campus. We’ve also heard campuses consider providing a colored wristband each day after scanning temperatures, making it easy to identify if someone’s temperature had already been taken. The customer service team at BadgePass specializes in ID supplies and accessories and can assist with securing those solutions including badge reels, lanyards (customized for your school or generic) as well as colored wristbands.

If any of these items are a concern of yours, please let us know! Contact us for more information or to schedule a product demonstration today.