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Our Partner Community is growing, and we are looking for forward-thinking companies to join us!  Here at BadgePass, we truly consider our Channel Partners members of our team, and we treat them with the same level of enthusiasm, dedication, and respect that we would extend to any of our own individual team members.

Of course, we have goals that we want to accomplish, but we truly see those relationships as partnerships, and we work alongside one another on strategies to achieve those goals – together.

  •  We are not just another access control system.  Our expertise in identity and activity management allows you to bring a truly unique solution to your customer base and grow your existing accounts easily.
  • Our solutions are easy to price, easy to deploy, and easy to manage.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a product line in the field that was truly easy for your team and your customers?
  • We are committed to next-level technical support.  Our Product Support team strives for response times under 15 minutes on all incoming support questions.
  • We rely on partner feedback to continuously make product and support improvements over time.  That’s right, we truly listen to our partners and ensure their feature requests make it into our products.
  • We treat every partner sales representative like they are a member of our sales team.  We offer ongoing training, assistance with presentations and demos, and more.  You name it – we are here to help!
  • We are fun!  You won’t meet a software manufacturer more excited to bring their products to market – or more dedicated to your success with our solutions!  We work hard, but we have a ton of fun while we do it!

Identity and Activity Management

While our solutions do enable our customers to secure openings throughout a facility, we are not just another access control product.  Our expertise in identification and activity management is unmatched!

We will help your team understand the value of offering more than just physical security solutions to your customers and position your company as the go-to-provider of any ID or Activity-related product in your market.

Easy to Deploy Solutions

Your customers want a solution that is easy to use and reliable, so why not give them one?  BadgePass ONE is easy to deploy and incredibly easy to configure – enabling you to onboard new accounts more quickly than ever before.

Our flexible, automated billing platform is built-in to the solution, streamlining customer invoicing and payments and enabling your business to focus on what it does best – helping customers.

Best in Class Support

Whether you are looking for training, technical support, or assistance with sales, our team is here to help!  We consider our Channel Partners an extension of our team, so your opportunities are our opportunities, your questions are our questions, and your issues are our issues.

No matter what you need from us, we are just a phone call away!

We Are Fun

Work is hard enough already – we should at least get to do it with people we like!  Here at BadgePass, we are dedicated to finding the most passionate and enthusiastic team members and Channel Partners around, ensuring that we can work hard but still have fun together!

With incredible incentives like our Elite Getaway and Technical Retreat, there are even more opportunities to get to know our team members and have some fun together!

BadgePass ONE Subscription Pricing

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