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February 3rd, 2021 / Tracking

Vaccine Issuance and Tracking

Vaccine Issuance and Tracking
BadgePass: Vaccine Issuance and Tracking

There has been much anticipation leading up to the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations nationwide. We know many states are working to develop their plan for issuance and tracking of the vaccine within the community. However, we’ve found that each city, state and county has a slightly different approach planned.

Here at BadgePass, we have ID and tracking solutions that can help with the following:

  • • Driver’s license scanning for rapid enrollment of patient data
  • • Mobile production of barcodes and labels for tracking
  • • Tracking solutions for accurate patient vaccination details
  • • Production of IDs for those that have been vaccinated

Check out this quick video that illustrates the process of registering a recipient, assigning a vaccine dose and printing multiple labels:

These solutions can be implemented independently of one another, or as part of a comprehensive badging and tracking solution, depending on your facility’s needs.
Check out more of our public health solutions here.

If your agency or department is actively working on a plan for vaccine distribution, we can help! Contact us to learn more or schedule a product demonstration today. 601.499.2131


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