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May 11th, 2021 / Service

Do I Need a Service Contract

BadgePass Service Contracts
BadgePass: Service Contract

When purchasing hardware and software solutions for your organization, it is important to think about how often you may rely on those applications in your day-to-day operations. Any time you invest in a product, you want to be sure your investment is protected from any unexpected problems that may arise in the future. Manufacturer warranties are great; however, they are typically only valid for a small window of time and the coverage may only cover certain parts of your equipment. You can also experience equipment downtime if you need to ship your machine(s) back to a manufacturer for repair and/or wait on replacement parts to arrive.

An onsite service contract helps to protect your investment and keep your machine running in optimal condition. Additionally, it is also an excellent way to keep costs and disruptions to a minimum while maximizing your system’s performance through timely preventative maintenance, emergency maintenance, and routine cleaning. Whatever unexpected problems may arise; a Service Contract gives you peace of mind knowing your ID equipment is taken care of.

What are the benefits of maintaining a service agreement?

Save Money and Control Costs

  • • A Service Contract is paid once annually for any maintenance and repairs you may need throughout the year saving you a lot of money in overall maintenance and unexpected repair costs.
  • • Budgeting is much easier because you know what the service agreement cost will be in the year ahead, eliminating any major unpredictable expenses.

Improved System Performance

  • • Customers with a Service Contract benefit from preventative maintenance visits and cleanings to ensure your equipment is always kept in top shape. Regular inspections and cleanings minimize the likelihood that you will even experience equipment issues or downtime.
  • • Because the efficiency of mechanical equipment tends to degrade over time, preventative maintenance restores this lost efficiency and prevents issues from occurring. This not only minimizes downtime, but it also helps to extend the life of your system.

Peace of Mind

  • • Service Contracts provide customers with the peace of mind knowing if any issues with your equipment do arise, our team will be there to provide service and support in a timely manner. Customers with active service agreements receive priority response times over non-contract customers.

BadgePass has an excellent service and support staff available to assist you with a variety of on-site services such as product installation and configuration, operator system training, preventative and emergency maintenance, equipment repairs, and ongoing support whenever you need it.

Interested in purchasing a service agreement for your ID machine? Contact our Sales Support team today for pricing information and additional details!

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