Four Reasons to Purchase a Service Contract

By BadgePass  |  October 12, 2017


Access Control, ID Badging, Visitor Management

All identification, visitor management and access control products purchased from BadgePass are eligible for an on-site service contract. Why should you take us up on this great offer? Here are five good reasons:

A Service Contract Protects you against The Unknown
Any investment that you spent thousands of dollars to acquire is worth some type of long-term protection. When we invest in items in our personal lives, it is commonplace for us to take out some type of coverage to protect it from unforeseeable accidents or even the possibility obsolescence. Technology solutions for your organization should be no different.

No Unforeseen Increase in Expenses
Fixed costs paid in advance are always more cost-effective than those paid at the time an issue occurs, reducing the financial obligation that your business may incur down the road as a result. It is better to know the next few years’ service costs in advance than to rely on good luck in a bad situation.

Reduce Administration Time & Cost
Between personnel costs, training, spare parts and the time it takes to conduct system maintenance and repair, the expenses associated with maintaining your own systems can be substantial. Making a one-time payment for an annual Service Contract allows you to avoid this completely, saving your organization immeasurable amounts of time and money.

Make Yourself a Higher Priority

Customers with Service Contracts are always moved to the front of our service queue, helping to ensure you and your company receive the service you need in a timely manner. Plus, our team does preventative maintenance on all equipment under contract, helping us to minimize, or even eliminate issues, before they even occur.

Contact us at 601.499.2131 to learn how a service contract can benefit your company today.