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November 9th, 2021 / Press

Global Supply Chain Shortages Impact the ID Market

Global supply chain shortages impacting the Identification market

BadgePass: Global Supply Chain Shortages impacting the ID market

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been fortunate to experience limited supply chain issues as it relates to our products and ability to fulfill orders. However, cargo delays, supply shortages, and disruption in production are officially impacting the identification market.

Many of our manufacturers are reporting global delays and shortages on various models of ID card printers, replacement parts, ribbons, cards, and access control hardware. Some equipment and products are estimated to experience up to six (6) months. Similarly, global chip and material shortages are causing massive delays in proximity and smart card production.

If your organization is anticipating a need for ID equipment or supplies in the coming months, we would strongly encourage you to get your orders in now. With these expected delays, demand for these products is steadily increasing as many people return to schools, office buildings, and events.

BadgePass currently has a large inventory of ID equipment, parts, supplies and accessories with many orders already placed and near the front of the queue to restock our warehouse as soon as possible. We also have a large network of dealer partners across the country who stock our products and supplies to assist customers in various locations. Additionally, many of our partners manufacture equipment and supplies in areas that are less affected by the global supply chain shortage.

Whatever your requirement may be for your ID program, the combination of our existing inventory, planned inventory, and partnerships with production facilities has allowed BadgePass to offer a variety of solutions to meet most identification needs. We apologize for any delays you may experience and assure you that we will do our very best to supply you with the right solutions to meet your needs as fast as possible!

For any questions about the status of any existing orders, please contact our Sales Support team at

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