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August 11th, 2022 / ID Badging

Help! My Old-School ID System Needs an Upgrade!

Image of Connect ID Card Printer with BadgePass ONE software displayed on an iPhone along with a printed ID Card
Help! My Old-School ID System Needs an Upgrade!

As technology, computers, and operating systems continue to evolve, many facilities have been evaluating legacy applications they use, including Photo ID software, to determine if the time for an upgrade has come.

Traditional ID systems are usually comprised of the following:

  • – A computer with locally-installed ID software
  • – A camera, tripod and backdrop for photo capture
  • – A desktop card printer

With hardware and software components typically located in one spot in a facility (Ex: HR office, badging office, security, etc.), anyone that needs a badge printed must physically go to that location to have their photo captured and Photo ID printed. Schools, hospitals, or corporations that regularly onboard new cardholders find themselves feeling “stuck” producing cards from just one location.

While this has been the standard in ID badging for years, customers are ready for a new and more modern card production process!

Ghosted card design
BadgePass ONE

Now, more than ever before, organizations need the ability to capture cardholder data, including photos, while “on the go” or in a remote location.

  • • Corporations with just one printer but multiple office locations are tired of having new employees submit photos electronically for import into the badging software.
  • • Schools are frustrated by lines of students at the badging office waiting to have their photo captured.
  • • Government facilities typically produce badges for multiple agencies or departments at one location and sending cardholder data, including photos, back and forth via email or flash drive is not a secure process!

BadgePass ONE: Card Production Reimagined

With BadgePass ONE, mobile photo capture and card production is easier than ever before! The first ID software available as a download from the App store, BadgePass ONE allows users to print badges right from their phone or tablet!

  • • Now corporations can have someone at each satellite office capture new employee photos and save them in the system for faster production.
  • • And schools can allow homeroom teachers to capture photos right from the iPad in their classroom and send them to a print queue for production in the main office.
  • • Government agencies can set up specific user privileges for multiple departments, allowing for easier customization and production of secure employee IDs.

Best of all, you don’t even need a computer or any IT experience to get it the system and running!

Sound too good to be true? We promise; it’s not! Contact us today to schedule a demo and find out how BadgePass ONE can upgrade your card production process!

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