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October 23rd, 2020 / Visitor Management

Hidden Benefits of a Visitor Management System

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BadgePass: Visitor Manager System

A visitor management system is typically implemented as a method to register and track visitors, volunteers, contractors and/or other guests in your building at any time. It’s extremely beneficial for keeping an electronic record of everyone that has been in your facility. The goals behind implementing this software vary, but typically, facilities want a streamlined way to welcome and track visitors to increase safety measures and better protect their people, buildings, and valuable resources. Managing who accesses your facility on a day to day basis is essential to achieving this goal.

Aside from giving your organization a better way to account for who is on-site and ensuring that only welcomed guests are able to access your facilities, there are a number of additional benefits that having a visitor management system installed at your facility provides.

1. Visitor Management systems offer a very professional first impression

You only have one chance to make a first impression. The lobby or waiting area is typically the first thing visitors see when entering your facility, and the check-in process or interaction with the receptionist, often establish a guest’s impression of your business.

A visitor management system makes a great first impression, as it automatically welcomes visitors to your facility and helps them get in contact with whoever they are there to see. It also provides a positive and efficient visitor experience by checking people in quickly and getting them where they need to go.

Even more, visitor badges can be added to your visitor management system to enhance your organization’s professional image. They communicate to visitors that you prioritize company security as well as guest safety.

It’s important to ensure your visitors have positive interactions throughout their visit, beginning with the check-in process.

2. Visitor check in procedures serve as a deterrent

A visitor management system is a way to boost security by identifying visitors to your facilities. However, it can also serve as a visual deterrent to any one with the intention to cause trouble and prevent issues before they happen. The last thing anyone with malicious intent wants to see is any kind of visitor sign-in process. Especially one that requires guests to scan their driver’s license and keeps a digital record of visitor information, often even including a photo.

With a paper visitor sign-in book, it is easy for visitors to write in a false name, but an electronic visitor management system accurately identifies everyone in your facility and sends the message to all incoming guests that security is taken seriously at this location. Additionally, for organizations that issue temporary visitor ID badges, it is easy for security to spot people that are not wearing badges and therefore, don’t belong.

3. Visitor management systems offer increased confidentiality

The use of traditional paper sign-in methods raises a big privacy concern. Should clients or patients be able to see the names and details of everyone else who has visited that day? Furthermore, if your visitor book is misplaced or stolen, could you recover all the data stored in it?

It is difficult to guarantee visitor confidentiality with paper visitor logs, as they can’t be secured. With a Visitor Management system, you can ensure that personal information is not on display to the public and can only be viewed by authorized individuals. Your visitors can also feel confident that their privacy is being protected and their data is kept secure in an encrypted software system.

4. Increased accuracy and simplified retrieval of data and information

Visitor software allows you to collect and store a variety of details about your visitors and guests including contact information, a photo, date and time of visit, reason for visiting, and even the locations they visited. Storing this information in a database allows you to search, analyze, and retrieve this visitor data at any given time. These reports can be critical in the case of a security investigation, fire, or emergency.

Additionally, if your organization requires visitors to sign any legal documents or agree health and safety policies, they can do so electronically, and all signed documents will be stored in the system. This eliminates the time-consuming task of rummaging through files to find a visit or visitor details and ensures important signed documents are not lost and are easily accessible in the future.

An electronic Visitor Management system provides a variety of benefits for all types of facilities, from the obvious increases in security measures to the less noticeable features listed above. Interested in learning more about how a Visitor Management system can help your organization? Contact us to learn more or to schedule a virtual demo! 601.499.2131

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