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August 29th, 2018 / ID Card Printers

Introducing the BadgePass GX1 Card Printer!

BadgePass is excited to introduce the BadgePass GX1 Card Printer!  Engineered specifically for BadgePass, the GX1 is an industry leader in desktop card printing.  This ID card printer is designed with enterprise security environments in mind, offering world class security features like tactile impression and custom lamination options.

The GX1 card printer allows customers to print high quality, high resolution badges in record time.  TruPick technology results in less card picking errors and faster card production – ideal for facilities producing a large volume of cards like colleges and universities or large corporations.

One of our favorite features of the GX1 printer is the option to add tactile impression.  As security of card programs becomes an increasing concern for organizations of all sizes, added security features to design become more important to help combat the threats of tampering, forgery and counterfeiting.

The tactile impression option on the GX1 printer uses a unique (and customizable) die to create an impression on the card, which differs from embossing or indenting technology available with other machines.  This leaves behind an impression on the card that you can both see and feel.  Combined with lamination, it makes the card tamper evident and provides a higher level of security.

To learn more about the GX1 card printer, contact your local BadgePass dealer today.

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