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November 21st, 2017 / Drivers License, ID Badging, ID Card Printers

Issue ID Cards Faster and Validate Identity

Colleges and universities spend a lot of time and money attempting to speed up the process of issuing ID cards. As an example, they look for card printers that are faster and require less frequent supply changes and they may even consider online photo submission. While both of these practices can save time, there’s another step in the ID issuance process that can be easily overlooked: the recall of records from your database.

The typical record recall process works like this. The operator selects “Search”, fills in some data fields such as first and/or last name, then selects “Enter”. This usually results in more than one name being recalled if it’s a common one, resulting in the need for the operator to select the correct person. We estimate the search process takes between 10-15 seconds per record.

In many systems, if the record is not found, it may need to be entered manually. For institutions that have this issue, this manual enrollment process that can take 60 seconds or more to complete per cardholder. It can also result in inaccurate cardholder information due to misspellings or typos during enrollment.

Saving Valuable Seconds

A simple and inexpensive solution for these issues is Driver’s License Scanning. Since most card offices are already requesting to see the driver’s license before issuing IDs, it is easy to simply scan that license and populate the search screen, instantly saving the 10-15 seconds referenced earlier.

The system simply reads fields from the driver license or ID card and fills in the appropriate fields into your Search or Enrollment screens, eliminating the need to manually enter any data. Driver’s License Scanning basically emulates human keystrokes by reading the electronic information from the ID card.

Other key Driver’s License scanning benefits:

• As an application-independent system, there is no integration needed with your current database.

• Reduction of duplicate records caused by human errors, typos, and common names.

• Greater privacy in the enrollment process by reducing the verbal exchange of information.

• Enhanced cardholder experience.

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