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September 7th, 2018 / K-12 Education, Security

It’s Okay to Worry about Safety at School!

As a parent, we understand that you are constantly worried about your children.  That worry starts the day they’re born and continues to grow as they move through various stages of their life.  Sending them away to school and into the care of others only amplifies that worry. Recently, there have been too many tragedies occurring in our schools.  Each incident only serves to increase the worry that you, as a parent, are experiencing.  BadgePass has worked with schools all over the country to help ease some of those concerns.

BadgePass provides identification and security solutions to thousands of schools nationwide.  Our Credential Management system was designed to help our customers better identify, track and secure everyone in their facility including students, staff members, parents and other visitors.

BadgePass Identity Manager allows schools to produce secure, high quality IDs for staff, faculty and students.   These cards are most commonly worn as visual identification, helping employees and students more easily identify someone who doesn’t belong in the building (that isn’t wearing an ID).

BadgePass Visitor Manager is designed to quickly and securely register and track all guests entering the building.  We offer the ability to crosscheck visitor names against the National Sex Offender Registry and ensure that unwanted (banned) visitors are denied access, thereby protecting the students inside each campus.

Our access control system allows schools to secure access to doors and openings across multiple campuses.  We offer video intercom systems that can be used to “buzz” in visitors or other guests, adding an extra layer of protection before anyone even gains access to the building.  It also allows for monitoring of doors, preventing students or faculty members from “propping” doors open, creating an insecure point of entry.

If your child’s school is not using BadgePass, here are a few suggestions:

  • • Contact your school administrator and ask them to contact BadgePass to learn more.
  • • Attend your next school board meeting and ask about safety and security plans for your school.
  • • Get involved with other concerned parents: We’ve seen many PTAs have success raising money and funding their own BadgePass implementations at their schools.

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