BadgePass ONE: How to Set Up Reader Control Apps

Creating a Reader Control App

1. To begin, make your way to the Apps section

2. Click “+” to add the new Reader Control App.

3. Name the App

4. Select the App Type drop down menu

5. Select “Reader Control”

6. Here you will have the choice to allow “Secure, Unlock and Quick Grant” features by selecting all controls. Or you can just Quick Grant only which will only mimic a valid card read.

7. Click “Save” to save your work.

8. Select the reader control app you just created to assign the readers to that particular reader control app.

9. Click “+” to add the readers you wish to control

10. Select the readers you wish to assign.

11. Click “Save” to continue

12. Now let’s allow permissions on who gets to access the Reader Control App. Make your way to the security drop down.

13. Select Users to grant permissions to the individual reader

14. Select the user that you want to grant permissions for

15. Click “Manage”

16. Click “+” to add the reader control app access to that particular user.

17.Select the correct app

18. Click “Save” to complete the action.

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