Credential Overview and Configuration:

Credential Overview and Configuration:

  1. Sign in to the BadgePass ONE Portal, select the Database dropdown and then select the Setup tab.

  1. Select the Credential tab

  1. Click “+” to create a new Credential

  1. Fill out the relevant information for your credential.

Tip: If you want to issue a physical ID badge for a visual ID with no Access Control associated with your account, select the “Badge” Type. Then select the appropriate “None” for the technology.

  1. Select the Card Technology you want to associate with the credential.

Tip: If you select MagStripe, assign the correct track information to issue the badge successfully.

  1. If you choose BadgePass Card, you will need the correct data selection to enroll the correct Access Control information to your BadgePass ONE account.

If you are looking for more information on the Credential Overview and Configuration, please refer to the information below!

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