How to Add a New Badge to an Issuance Rule

How to Add a New Badge Design to an Issuance Rule

Tip: This guide will show you how to change the current issuance rule to a new badge. Ensure the badge design is created under the correct entity/app to follow this guide properly.

1. Sign into your BadgePass ONE Portal and select the Apps tab.

2. Here, you can select the app you want to operate in.


3.  flyout will appear when you select the app. In this flyout, select the “Set Issuance Rules” button.


4. If you already have issuance rules created, select the rule and select the pencil icon to edit the issuance rule.


Tip: If you want to issue an entirely new issuance rule, please refer to our guide on how to set issuance rules.

5. When this menu populates, select the second “Modify” button to change the rule to a new badge design.

How to add a new badge image walk through

6. Select the correct credential, then select next to continue.

7. Select the new badge you want to assign to the issuance rule.

8. Select Next to continue

9. Select the correct printer you want to assign to the issuance rule.

10. Verify the issuance rule information to ensure all the items are accurate.

11. You will be prompted to confirm if you want to add more rules to this current rule.

12. A summary will appear; be sure to remove the previous badge to ensure the new badge prints properly.


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