How to Configure Custom Data Fields


How to Configure Custom Data Fields: Instruction Guide

Custom Field Set-Up:

  • To begin, select the database dropdown menu and select custom fields.
  • Select the entity you want to add a custom field for and select +

  • Name the custom field and select the data type for this custom field.
  • Once you select the data type, you can add a list  (if applicable) or simply save the custom field to populate correctly.
  • Now that the field has been created you can add them to your app layouts for your different devices.

List Set-Up:

  • If you select text as your data type, you can manually enter information of have pre-determined results that you can select from a list.
  • To add items to the list for a specific data field, make your way to the specific field you want to edit and a flyout will populate with a custom data field overview. Select the List Items edit button.
  • Now you can manually add specific items or import a CSV list to make selections.
  • To add item lists manually, select +
  • Name the Item and add a description then save.
  • If you would like to import a list to streamline this process, simply select the Import List dropdown menu and select browse.
    • This will allow you to select the correct CSV file with the list of items you want to import.
    • Please note that Append Mode will add items to the current list and Overwrite Mode will replace the list with the list you import.

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