How to Create an App

  • Make your way to the Apps tab.
    • Note: Be sure to create an Entity prior to creating the App since the App needs an Entity to be tied to.
  • Select + to begin creating the App.

  • Name the App and add a description if needed.
  • Select the App Type.
    • Issuance Type: This type allows you to print badges directly through this App directly to the printer.
    • GoPrint Type: This Type allows you to send your print jobs to a queue that is then approved by a user with the correct permissions.
    • Note: In most cases, you will want to choose the Issuance Type.
  • Select the Entity Type and link the App to the correct Entity.
  • Save to continue.

App Layout Design:

  • Select the App you want to configure.
  • Select the Device Layout you want to set up.
    • You can identify which device it is based on the icon that it displays.
  • You will have the option to name each page and add fields as needed.
    • Select + to add fields in the order you wish to populate on that device.
    • You can change field orders by selecting the field and moving the field with the up and down arrows
    • You can make any field searchable by selecting the setting button and toggling the ON switch.
  • Once the app layout has been designed, it will automatically save for you to view on your device.

 Video Tutorial

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