How to do File Driven Multiple Entity Imports

How to do File Driven Multiple Entity Imports

Prepare your CSV Import File

1. When preparing your CSV file, be sure to create a file that has a field titled “entitytype.” This specific spelling is needed to trigger the file driven import to execute correctly.

2. Next, be sure to list every entity that you wish to import to.


How to Import CSV File

3. Sign into the BadgePass ONE Portal and Select the Data Integration Dropdown menu. Then, select Import.

4. Select the Entity Import menu and select File Driven.

5. Browse on your computer to locate the CSV file you wish to import.

6. A menu will appear that where you can map the source file with the fields in your BadgePass ONE account.

7. Be sure to select the correct fields when mapping the fields. First name should be mapped to first name, ID Number should be mapped to ID Number.

8. You can also select a default answer for a particular field if you wish to input data that is not able to be mapped in the file. For example, I can set all Active Statuses to default to true.

9. If the file was formatted correctly on the CSV, you will notice that the custom fields under each entity will import into the menu to allow for further mapping specific to each entity. Continue to map accordingly.

10. You also have the choice to import multiple addresses and emails into each entity, However, if you do not wish to import this information, feel free to skip the following items.

11. Select Save to initiate the import.

12.Once the import has been initiated, you can open the detailed view of the import by selecting the import you wish to view.

13. If you wish to cancel the import, feel free to select the cancel import button below.

14. Once the import has been submitted, you can view the information and status of the import to see if there is a need to trouble shoot the import.

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