How to Import and Export Data

How to Import Data:

Note: BadgePass ONE currently supports CSV files for import. Please verify that the file is properly formatted to import correctly.

  • Make your way to the data integration dropdown.
  • Select “Import.”
  • Select the Entity you want to import your CSV file into.
  • Select Browse and choose the CSV file you want to import.
  • Select the fields you want to import from the Source file or which ones you want to default to a new value.
    • Note: Make sure you select the correct field on the source drop downs to match the field you want it to populate to in your destination field. (i.e. First Name with First Name, Last Name with Last Name)
    • Note: If you choose to import an Address, E-mail, or Phone number, verify that you are also selecting the “type” to ensure a successful upload.

Group Membership Import:

  • For group memberships to import correctly ensure that the groups are already created in your BadgePass ONE Portal to ensure that the groups are assigned correctly.
    • Note: Make sure that the groups are spelled consistently between your BadgePass ONE portal and CSV file. Any inconsistency will fail to import the desired information.

Credential Import:

  • To import credentials into BadgePass ONE, you will need to select the correct field column on the value dropdown.
  • Select the correct Activation and Expiration Date.
    • Select default dates if necessary.
  • Select the correct Credential Type

*To complete the import action, be sure to select the save button to initiate the import.

How to Export Data:

  • Select the entity you want to export.
  • Select Export
    • This will create the CSV file.
  • Select Download
    • This will download the CSV file to your device.

Video Tutorial

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