How to Import Images on BadgePass ONE:

How to Import Images on BadgePass ONE

Tip: Be sure to verify the size of your images to ensure that each image is less than 128kb and that your zipped file is less than 0.5GB to complete successful imports.

1. Make your way to the data integration dropdown and select the import tab.

2. Select the entity you wish to import the data into or if you would rather do a file driven import.

Note: For more information on file driven imports refer to our instruction guides on our Knowledge Center.

3. Select the browse button to select the CSV file you want to import.

4. Map the necessary fields with the corresponding fields such as First Name, Last Name, ID Number.

5. Once you have mapped the fields for the import, make your way to the photo section, select the field you want to map. Please note that the column in this field must have the file names with the file format attached to them. For example, JohnDoe.jpg

6. Select Browse to access the zip file with the images you want to import.

7. Select the zip folder with images and select “open.”

8. Click save to begin the image import.

Alert: Please note that if there are any files that failed to import, be sure to verify the size of the image to be 128kb or less, as well as making sure the file names were typed in correctly. Please refer to our video tutorial for more information.

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Video Tutorial