How to Set Issuance Rules

How to Set Up Issuance Rules

  1. Sign in to your BadgePass ONE Portal and select the Apps section.

  1. Select the App to configure Issuance Rules.

  1. The Flyout will appear where you can select the menu to select Issuance Rules

  1. In this menu, you can add a new rule for the app.

  1. Select the Entity Field checkbox and then select Next.

  1. Select the Entity Field to trigger the Issuance Rule.

Tip: Active Status Set to True will be the easiest and most common field to trigger a rule.

  1. Select the appropriate response. Selecting no will continue you through the following prompts.

  1. Select the Credential you want to assign to the Issuance Rule.

Tip: Ensure you set up your credentials before setting up Issuance Rules, as this step is required to proceed.

  1. Assign the correct badge design.

  1. Select the printer you want to assign to the Issuance Rule.

  1. Verify for accuracy.

  1. Name the Issuance Rule and Confirm the action.

For more information on Issuance Rules, view the resources below!

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