How to Set Up Pin

How to Set-Up a PIN: Instruction Guide

PIN Set Up:

  • Make your way to the database dropdown menu and then select Set Up.
  • Select Credential Type to begin PIN configuration.
  • Select the + button and fill out the flyout information.
    • Name the Credential Type and add a Description.
    • Select the PIN format to continue.
    • variable pin, the user will need to press the *PIN NUMBER# to make the entry valid on the reader controller.

Note: Please verify that “Card or PIN” is selected for your mode on your reader profile.

Assign PIN to Record:

  • Open the BadgePass ONE App and search for the desire record you want to assign a pin for.
  • Scroll down to credential manager and add a new credential. Here you can add the value and activation date. Press save to add the credential to the record.
  • Select the correct group for the record.
  • Either save the record or print the ID Badge to activate the record.

Note: For the best use of our reports and tracking, we recommend you issue unique pins for each record you issue. This will allow you to increase your tracking capabilities with your BadgePass ONE system.

Video Tutorial

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