How to Set Up Print Rules

Pre-Set Up:

  • Before assigning print rules, ensure that you have created an App and a Badge that are assigned to the correct entity.
  • You will also want to make sure that you have all the correct fields you need for the print rule to populate on the app layout in order to print successfully.

Print Rule Set Up:

  • Make your way to the Apps tab and select the App that you want to assign print rules for.
  • Select “Set Printing Rules”
  • A fly out menu will appear, select +
  • Select the check box labeled “Entity Field” then select Next.
  • Select the field you want to execute the print job.
    • Most cases only will need Active Status to appear as true to execute the print action.
  • Confirm if you want any other field to execute the print job.
    • Select No if you are ready to continue.
  • Select the Badge you want to assign to the App.
  • Select the Printer that will be assigned to this app then select next.
  • Verify Information for accuracy.
  • If you are done, select No twice and then Name and confirm the badge print rule.

Assigning a Credential to the Print Rule:

  • When assigning a credential, select “Yes” to create the credential for this app.
  • Select the Credential type you want to assign then select next.
  • Select the card technology then select Next.
    • SmartCard will be the standard card technology.
  • Select the Credential Format then select Next.
    • Most users will use the Badge Number/Facility Code format.
  • Verify information for accuracy.
  • To finish the print rule assignment, select No twice to be prompted to save the print rule.
  • Name and confirm to complete the print rule assignment.

Video Tutorial

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