How to Set Up Special Days

Special Day Set Up:

  • Special Days are an easy way to incorporate unique schedules, such as holidays and events, your BadgePass ONE Access Control Workflow.
  • Sign in to your BadgePass ONE portal. Select the Access Control drop down, the select special days.
  • Select Special day types.
    • Special Day types are the best way to stay organized for special days of operations such as Half Days, Holidays, or recurring events.
    • Once you create your special day types, you can begin to reserve the dates you want to schedule. Select the plus sign and add the start and end dates as needed.
  • Note: Please note that day you set as a special day will override the previous intervals for that day. You also cannot have two different special days for the same date selected.


Reader Profile Set Up:

  • Select reader profile, then edit by clicking on the pencil icon.
  • Select the plus sign to begin setting up your intervals for that special day.
    • For more information on intervals refer to our Reader Profile Instruction Guide
  • Once your intervals are complete, select save to update the reader.

Video Tutorial

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