How to Set Up User Roles and Permissions

Adding Users:

*Note: You have the choice to add up to 200 different users to manage your BadgePass ONE Account.

  • Make your way to the Security dropdown.
  • Select Users
  • Select + to add a new user.
    • A fly-out window will appear. Fill out their information and add the correct role.
    • Note: Refer to the chart available to assign the correct user role for this user.
  • Select “Add” once all the information has been completed.

Assigning Permissions for a User:

  • Select the user you want to add permissions to.
  • Select Manage under the permissions section.
  • Select the Apps you would like to give them access to by selecting +
    • You will have the choice to select if they can edit, print, and delete data.
    • Note: You can also give them permission to create badges by giving them access to BadgePass Studio.
  • Save your work to continue.

Assigning Permissions for a Group:

  • Select the Groups tab on the Security dropdown.
  • Select or create the group you want to assign users to.
  • Add Users to the groups by selecting Manage
  • Add Permissions by selecting Manag  

Video Tutorial

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