How to Share a Badge

Badge Sharing Instruction Guide:

Permission Verification:

  • To begin, ensure that you have the proper permissions to execute the sharing of the badge.
    • Select the security drop down menu, then select user.
    • Highlight the user that you are signed in as and verify that you are a global administrator of the account.
    • Note: If you need to adjust the roles. Select the edit button and make the proper adjustments.

    Receiving Permission Verification:

    • Sign into the account that will be receiving the shared badge. Then select the security drop down menu.
      • Select Account and verify that badge sharing is allowed in that account.
      • Note: All accounts will default to allow sharing upon account activation.

    Badge Sharing:

    • From the sending account, make your way to the database dropdown menu. Then select setup.
    • Select “Badges,” then highlight the badge you want to share.
    • When you select the share button, you will see a fly-out menu. Follow the prompts to complete the action.

    Assign Badge to Account:

    • Select the target account that will receive the badge.
    • Select between creating a new entity for this badge or using an existing entity.
      • If you choose an existing entity, be sure to select the correct entity for the badge.
      • If you choose an existing entity, you will have the choice to ignore fields or automatically create the necessary fields for the badge to be functional immediately.
    • Select Next, then verify for accuracy, then confirm the share action.

    BadgePass Studio Badge Sharing:

    • Be sure you have the most updated version of BadgePass Studio. Do this by going to your portal and selecting the support drop down.
    • Open BadgePass Studio, then select the badge you want to assign to a new account. (Open>Select Badge)
    • Select File>  then select Assign>  then Follow the same prompts that are displayed on the portal.
    • Review for accuracy, then select Assign.

    Video Tutorial

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