How to Update Payment Information

How to Update Payment Information Instruction Guide:

Updating Payment Method

  • Make your way to the Billing tab.
  • Select Bills & Payments.
  • Select Payment Method.
    • Note: Under “Bills & Payments” you will also have the option to view invoices, credits and billing information.
  • If a previous payment method failed, you will be able to find the failed payment in the invoice tab to retry making a payment.
  • Select + and add a credit card or ACH payment method.
    • Note: Make sure that your billing address is congruent with your new credit card in order for the payment method to work for future payments.
    • Go to Billing Information if you need to update your billing address.

Default Payment Method:

  • If you have multiple forms of payment, you can set a default payment method.
  • Select the payment method of your choice, and select the star icon that will appear adjacent to the delete button.
    • This action will make that payment method the primary default payment method.

Video Tutorial 

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