How to Update Reader Firmware

• To begin, sign into your BadgePass ONE account and make your way to the devices drop-down menu.

• Select Readers

• Select the Specific Reader you want to view.

o Note: This is where you can manage your readers and configure settings for each individual reader.

o A flyout menu will appear showing you the status of the device.
o If you see a red exclamation mark next to the firmware version this means a firmware update is available.

o Select the settings button.

• The setting landing page will appear.

o Here you will be able to locate your device details. Below that, you will see your Current Firmware and if you have any newer updates available. If you have a new update available, you can select Update firmware. Then Select “yes.” This will initiate the update for your door reader.
o Note: If this button is greyed out or not available, it means that your reader is up-to-date.

Video Tutorial

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