How to Use Microsoft Power Toys:

How to Install Power Toys

1.Click “Type here to search.”

2. Search and Click “Microsoft Store”

3. Click on the search bar and type “Power Toys”

4. Select the Microsoft PowerToys Icon

5. Click “Install”

How to Resize Images

6. Open your folder with the images you wish to import.


For the next step, copy the folder with the original images to make sure that your images are backed up elsewhere.

7. Select all the images you would like to resize. You can simply drag across all the icons to complete the action.

8. Right click the icons and select resize pictures

9. Select the top 3 checkboxes and select resize.

10. Your Images will automatically resize, and be ready to import. If you would like to verify the size of the image, you can right click an image and view the file properties.

Download PDF

Video Tutorial