How to View Print Queues on BadgePass ONE:

1. Sign into the BadgePass ONE Portal and make your way to devices, then printers.

2. Select Print Queues

3. Any available print job will be displayed here. Select the drop-down menu below to see more detailed information on which badges are being printed and what the status is on the printer.

Note: If you have multiple printers on your account be sure to select the correct printer by using the drop down right below the Print Queue button.

4. This is what the detailed view will look like once you open the details in the Print Queue.

5. To cancel a print job, select the single print or batch print and select the X button to cancel the job.

6. When you select the X button, you will notice a flyout menu appear.

7. Select Confirm to cancel the print job.

View Print Queues on the BadgePass ONE App:

  1. Select the Print Status Button on the top right corner of the iPhone App.


  1. Select Batch Print to view the print jobs. Select the batch to view more details.

  1. To delete the print job, select the X icon and select okay to delete the print job.

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