How to Clean Halo Card Printer

Clean the Printer

The cleaning roller removes dust and particles from cards before they enter the printer. However, you also need to clean the inside of the printer regularly to maintain print quality. The cleaning card removes debris from the inside of the printer and from the transport rollers.

Run a cleaning card each time you change the print ribbon, or after every 500 cards processed by the printer, if print quality diminishes, or more often depending on your environment.

The Printer Dashboard displays a count of the number of cards that can be run before the printer should be cleaned. An administrator can change the number of cards printed before cleaning using the Printer Dashboard. An LCD message that requires the printer to be cleaned before continuing to use the printer also can be enabled by an administrator.


  1. Unlock the printer and input hopper locks if present.
  2. Open the printer cover and remove the print ribbon

cartridge or cassette. Close the cover.

  1. Open the input hopper cover and remove any

unprinted cards. Handle the cards by the edges only.

  1. Load the cleaning card into the input hopper.
  2. Close and lock the input hopper.
  3. Continue with “Run the Cleaning Card”.

Run the Cleaning Card

Use the LCD menu system to start the cleaning cycle.

  1. Begin when the printer displays Ready. Press the USER button.
  2. Suspended displays on line 1 of the LCD panel. Press ENTER to enter the menu system.
  3. Maintenance displays on line 3 of the LCD panel. Press ENTER to enter the Maintenance menu.
  4. Cleaning Card displays on line 3 of the LCD panel. Press ENTER to enter the Cleaning Card menu.
  5. Start displays on line 3 of the LCD panel. Press ENTER to start the cleaning process.
  6. Insert cleaning card displays on the LCD panel. Press the USER button to start the cleaning cycle. The printer moves the card through the printer several times to clean the card track andtransport rollers.

When the cleaning cycle completes:

 If the printer does not have locks, the cleaning card is ejected into the output hopper.

Remove and discard the cleaning card.

 If the printer has locks, the cleaning card is placed in the printer reject tray.

  1. Remove the used cleaning card.

Prepare the Printer for Use

  1. Unlock the printer locks.
  2. Replace the cards in the input hopper of a single-hopper printer and close and lock the


  1. Install a new print ribbon and cleaning roller on the ribbon cartridge
  2. Load the print ribbon into the printer.
  3. Close the printer cover. Press down on the ridges on the front of the cover to latch it


  1. Lock the printer.
  2. Discard the used cleaning card and cleaning roller.

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