How to do an Advanced Cleaning on the Halo Card Printer

1. Remove the cards and the ribbon from the printer.

2. Navigate to the menu by pressing the menu button once, followed by the enter arrow button three times. This will lead you to the cleaning menu. Wait for the prompt to insert the cleaning card, then press the enter arrow button to initiate the cleaning process. It’s as simple as that.

3. Insert the cleaning card and select the 3-lined menu button. When the cleaning card is finished, the card will be ejected from the output hopper.

Note: Sometimes, the card does not feed on the first try; if this happens to you, simply nudge the card forward for the card to feed correctly.

4. The following prompts will confirm that you have removed the ribbon, removed the cards from the hopper, and inserted the cleaning card. Confirm the prompts by selecting the 3-lined menu button for each prompt.

5. Once the cleaning card is ejected. Follow the screen prompts to set the printer back to a ready state. Select the 3-lined menu button to continue through the prompts until the screen states “Ready.”

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