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August 30th, 2023 / Access Control, Security

Navigating BadgePass ONE Access Control: Your Top FAQs Answered

Access control solutions are changing fast, but BadgePass ONE stands out for efficiency, security, and innovation. It’s natural that questions arise about the ins and outs of this effective system as companies look for ways to simplify access management and ensure safety. That’s why we’ve crafted this comprehensive guide, designed to address your most frequently asked questions about BadgePass ONE access control.

Is BadgePass ONE Access fully integrated with BadgePass ONE’s ID Issuance application?

Yes! A card can be printed directly from the BadgePass ONE app via an iPhone, iPad, or Windows device and automatically provisioned to work within BadgePass ONE Access. Depending on the card printer configuration, we can even read and enroll the smart card during the print process – eliminating the need to assign card numbers to cardholders in the system manually.

Can I bundle my hardware and software costs into one monthly/annual price?

You sure can! BadgePass ONE is the most flexible pricing in the industry, allowing users to purchase hardware upfront or bundle hardware and software into a monthly or annual subscription cost. Keep in mind that there may be up-front installation costs, depending on your environment and the type of access control hardware selected.

How does BadgePass ONE Access Control handle credential Overflow?

Credential Overflow is caused when more active credentials exist in an access control system than active cardholders. BadgePass ONE Access dramatically reduces the risk of credential Overflow by allowing for the automatic deactivation of cards in the system anytime a new badge is printed, ensuring only the new card is active and eliminating the risk of lost or stolen cards being used to gain access to the facility.

What Hardware Options are available with BadgePass ONE Access Control?

BadgePass ONE Access Control currently supports the following hardware options NDEB Wireless Lock, the LEB Wireless Lock, and the RC15 and RC11 readers.

Can I use my existing Access Control hardware?

It depends. If you have hardware items from the Allegion Engage line (NDEB, LEB, RC15, or RC11 devices), we will be happy to evaluate them and ensure they are compatible with BadgePass ONE!

If you already have traditional access control door hardware installed, like a strike or maglock, we should also be able to use that in conjunction with one of our reader-controller devices. The best way to determine whether existing hardware is compatible is for one of our installation partners to conduct a site survey or for someone on your team to send us photos and part numbers of existing equipment.

Which cards work with BadgePass ONE Access?

BadgePass ONE currently supports the BadgePass smartcard. This MIFARE credential can easily be read and enrolled during the print process, reducing the time it takes to issue a secure access credential. We have plans to add support for additional card technologies in the future.

Can I create custom schedules and holidays?

From the BadgePass ONE Portal, users can easily create Reader Profiles with varied schedules and special days (e.g., holidays, move-in days, etc.) depending on the opening and required access privileges. The interface is highly intuitive and allows for easy assignment of access privileges to each reader.

How many cardholders can I add?

Your base subscription determines the number of cardholders that can be active in your database. This is also the same number of prints included with your subscription if you use BadgePass ONE to issue credentials.

How do I ensure that users with access to the app have the appropriate permissions?

User permissions are determined in the BadgePass ONE Portal under Security. The system allows you to assign or change permissions for any user easily. Different user roles can be assigned for users who need to manage or change access privileges and users who may only need access to card issuance or billing, for example.

Will I have access to BadgePass service and support?

BadgePass service and support is included in most BadgePass ONE subscription packages! If you have any questions about the type of support offered with your subscription, please contact our Customer Success team at 601.499.2131. We are always happy to help!

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