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November 11th, 2019 / Campus Card Systems, College / University

New Compact Transaction Terminal

TotalCard Compact Transaction Terminal
BadgePass: TotalCard Transaction Terminal

BadgePass is excited to announce a new transaction device for use with our campus one card system, TotalCard. The Compact Transaction Terminal is a brand-new device that will allow users to expand TotalCard capabilities to even more locations on campus!

The Compact Transaction Terminal is a multi-application device that can be used in a variety of scenarios, including:

  • • Scanning a user’s ID and validating that the cardholder is active or inactive.
  • • Providing a way to deduct funds from a cardholder’s account at locations where a full point of sale terminal may not be needed. Funds can be deducted from either meal plans, flex dollars or declining balance.

All that is required for the terminal is an ethernet connection, allowing the terminal to be used at a almost any location on campus including dining, retail, health centers, libraries, and more!

This cost-effective device provides customers with even more options to expanded campus card capabilities on campus. Contact us to learn more or receive pricing details today!

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