BadgePass Visitor Manager Software


Price: $1500.00

Includes first year Software Upgrade Agreement (SUA).

Single Workstation License

Registering and tracking visitors and guests to your facility has never been easier! BadgePass Visitor Manager is the industry leader in visitor management software. Designed with input and feature suggestions from end user customers just like you, it is the most user-friendly visitor tracking system on the market. This single workstation license includes a 1-year Software Upgrade Agreement (SUA), entitling the user to 1 year of free software updates.

  • 6 second visitor check in
  • Database integration tools (Data Sync / AD Plug In)
  • Driver’s License Scanning (barcode and magstripe)
  • Support for signature and photo capture
  • Design and produce customized temporary visitor badges
  • QuickPass integration for temporary door access privileges
  • Web-based reporting
  • Ability to ban unwanted visitors
  • Cross-check against the National Sex Offender Registry
  • Assign customized visit purposes and visitor types
  • Integration with Identity Manager employee ID software
  • FREE Access Control software included
SKU: BVM011001