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BadgePass NXTElite ID Card Printer

This best-in-class desktop printer features record print speeds of up to 280 cards per hour, allowing for maximum output. Even better, there’s no need to sacrifice quality, as the printer boasts 300dpi high-resolution printing, resulting in outstanding badge production quality.

Elite ID Card Printing Experience


No need to choose between quantity and quality.

The NXTElite printer gives you both an output capacity suitable for medium to large runs and high-quality printing. NXTElite and Its record printing speed of up to 280 cards per hour for single-sided printing and 170 cards per hour for single-sided printing, combined with its 100 or 200-card feeder, are the two significant assets of the NXTElite that allow it to reach a high level of productivity and autonomy.


NXTElite printers feature high-resolution printing mode (300dpi) coupled with its colorimetric profile as close to real-life colors as possible, allowing you to obtain a high-quality rendering on all your cards.

With all the possibilities it offers, the NXTElite card printer can meet your current needs. And those you have in the future, too. How? Thanks to its many features that can easily be added throughout its life: double-sided printing, 200-card feeder, encoders, lamination module, LCD panel. You can install these new options easily and from the comfort of your own premises.


Student ID Badges

Contractor Badges

Employee Badges

Access Control Cards

Membership Cards

And More

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