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Whether you’re looking to enhance security, promote your brand, or add a professional touch to your events, our customizable lanyards are the perfect solution. With high-quality materials and a range of customization options, we make it easy to create lanyards that are both functional and stylish!

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ID Accessories are a great way to increase security by ensuring they are always visible, helping you quickly and easily identify people in your facility.

BadgePass offers various ID accessories and supplies for businesses and organizations. Our high-quality products include badge holders, lanyards, badge reels, and more, all designed to keep your ID cards secure and easily accessible. With durable materials and a variety of colors and styles, BadgePass ID accessories and supplies are designed to meet the needs of any organization or facility. We also offer custom lanyards and badge reels you can tailor to your company by including your logo, brand colors, and more! Improve your organization’s security and streamline identification with BadgePass ID accessories.

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Every organization has different card needs. We can help you find the card that is best for you! We can help determine whether PVC or composite is best if you need blank white cards. We can also source various technology card options, including proximity cards, smart cards, and magnetic stripe cards.

Proximity cards (125 KHz) and smartcards (13.56 MHz) use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to communicate with a reader and have an embedded microchip that stores and processes data. We can provide all varieties of these technologies, including MIFARE, DesFIRE, DesFIRE EV1, EV2 and EV3, SEOs, iClass, and more!

Smartcards offer more security features than proximity cards, such as encryption and authentication, and are better options for more security-minded customers. Both cards are easy to use and can be read from a short distance, making them ideal for access control and time and attendance applications.

Magnetic stripe cards use a stripe of magnetic material on the back of the card to store data. These cards can be used for basic access control applications, such as opening doors or making payments, but are less secure than smart cards or proximity cards.

We provide ribbons from all major card printer manufacturers, including BadgePass, Evolis, Entrust Datacard, Magicard, Matica, Kanematsu, Zebra, IDP, and more.


BadgePass offers several types of card printer ribbons, which are used in the printing process to transfer ink onto the surface of a card. We carry several types of ribbons, including monochrome, full-color, and retransfer ribbons.

Monochrome ribbons are ideal for printing single-color text, barcodes, or simple graphics and are available in a range of colors. Full-color ribbons can print high-quality, photo-like images in various colors, making them suitable for producing ID cards and badges with high-resolution graphics or photos.

Retransfer ribbons are designed to print on uneven or textured card surfaces. They use a two-step printing process that transfers an image from the ribbon onto a retransfer film before applying it to the card. This process produces high-quality, long-lasting images that are resistant to wear and tear.

We provide ribbons from all major card printer manufacturers, including BadgePass, Evolis, Entrust Datacard, Magicard, Matica, Kanematsu, Zebra, IDP, and more.

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