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BadgePass Access Manager offers customers a new perspective on electronic door access.

Built by ID industry experts who understand the importance of streamlined card issuance and activation, this user-friendly software allows customers to manage door access privileges easily and increase security through our automatic badge activation process. Access Manager is more than just door access control – it is a part of our complete credential management system, allowing you to do more with your badge!


Streamlining the card issuance process is our number one priority at BadgePass. As a result, our card production process ensures that cards are printed, personalized and activated with a cardholder’s appropriate door access permissions during print, enabling a cardholder to start using their badge on assigned doors instantly.

With many door access systems, card activation is a multi-step process, requiring the cardholder to visit multiple departments to activate their card in various other systems. While this may not seem like an issue for initial card print, it becomes a more significant security risk as cardholders lose or misplace badges and new ones are issued. With BadgePass, we eliminate that issue by issuing and activating cards from the same interface.


Easily create custom security groups within the BadgePass system, allowing cardholder group membership to determine which doors people can access and when. Our advanced scheduling tool allows organizations to create unlimited schedules and holidays and apply those to any doors on the system.


When implementing door access for your facility, the hardware is often the most expensive part of your investment. That is why we partner with industry-leading hardware manufacturers like Mercury Security, Allegion, HID and ASSA ABLOY. All the hardware items we implement with BadgePass Access Manager are non-proprietary, protecting your investment and giving you the flexibility you deserve should your software needs ever change.


In BadgePass, when new badges are produced for existing cardholders, lost or stolen credentials (previously issued cards) are automatically deactivated as the new card is printed, ensuring each cardholder only has one active badge in the system at any given moment. Many other systems require multiple procedures and access to numerous systems and databases to deactivate lost or stolen credentials. This multi-step process often results in more active ID cards in your system than there are actual active cardholders, also known as credential overflow. As cards are used for accessing doors and essentially acting as keys to your building, minimizing this risk to your organization’s security becomes increasingly important.

Our secure issuance process is one way we eliminate Credential Overflow; however, our DataSync Utility is equally important. DataSync is a powerful tool that allows users to import data from an existing data source (e.g., Student Information System or HR database) into the BadgePass system. It streamlines the enrollment process by eliminating the need to manually enroll cardholder information and ensuring it is always current.


As organizations implement new policies and procedures for emergency evacuations and lockdowns, it becomes increasingly important that your door access control system allows you to enact a campus-wide lockdown quickly. In an emergency where every second counts, time spent running around locking or unlocking doors to seal off a room, wing or building puts people at risk, both from doors not getting locked in time or from potentially encountering whatever the threat may be. For these reasons, lockout and/or lockdown capabilities are essential for a modern access control system.

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