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Driver's License Scanning for automated enrollment

BadgePass SmartReg software was designed to reduce the time it takes to enroll users into any system, simply with a license scan! The process could not be more straightforward: scan a state or federally-issued ID, including a driver’s license, and watch as the software automatically populates any enrollment or registration screen in seconds! This allows facilities to save time and money by minimizing manual data entry errors and reducing the time it takes to enroll customer details.

Driver’s license scanning with SmartReg is perfect for various facilities, including casinos for player enrollment, hotels for guest registration, hospitals for patient enrollment, and retail stores looking to capture patron information. The operator does not see this software, as it runs in the background on your machine, making your registration process easier than ever!

Save Time

One of the most apparent benefits of scanning a driver’s license is saving time. Before this technology was available, employees had to manually enter all customer information into their databases. This was time-consuming for staff but also highly frustrating for customers. With driver’s license scanning solutions from BadgePass, you can skip the manual data entry and populate data immediately into your system in seconds!

With BadgePass SmartReg, you can populate not just one screen at a time but multiple registration screens with just a single driver’s license scan! Our hotkey functionality allows users to select a pre-configured key or combination of keys to populate multiple screens with required driver’s license details.

Reduce Error

Manual data entry is not just time-consuming; it also results in more errors that can lead to costly mistakes down the road. After all, how can you make data-driven decisions in your business when the information being collected isn’t accurate? Using driver’s license scanning software, you can capture customer information and ensure it has been entered into your system accurately.

Avoid Duplicate Records

For some businesses, having information such as birthdates and addresses is critical. For example, manage a facility restricted to adults 21 and older. Driver’s license scanning can help verify a person’s age and identity, protecting you from liability. If billing accuracy is vital to your business, it’s helpful when a patron or patient’s address is correctly collected, ensuring they receive bills promptly.

Many facilities, including hospitals, need to reduce duplicate records caused by errors, typos and common names. (e.g., Johnathan Smith, John Smith, J. Smith) Driver’s license scanning technology used in BadgePass SmartReg software allows multiple fields to be populated and search for existing records before creating a new one.

Improve Customer Experience

When you have a long line of people waiting to enter your place of business, the last thing you want is to hold everyone up by checking IDs or manually typing their information into your system. Scanning licenses protects their privacy by eliminating the need for guests to verbally share confidential information, such as their name and address, but also speeds things up drastically, keeping lines moving fast and customers satisfied!

Enhance Security

Driver’s license scanning can also enhance your safety and security procedures. Many facilities use driver’s license scanning as part of a comprehensive Visitor Management system, allowing for accurate capture of visitor details and tracking of guest activity. More secure than a paper log book, scanning a license will enable you to ensure that accurate visitor information is recorded every time someone accesses your facility.

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